Sudan Organizations Network for Peace and Development

Network Identification:-

Sudan Peace and Development Organization Network is a national voluntary non-profit national network registered in 2021 under the Humanitarian Aid Commission.

Our Vision:-

To reach a tolerant, coexisting and developed society to achieve goals and social well-being throughout Sudan.

The message:-

Is to mobilize and join forces to achieve the vision during the development of voluntary work throughout Sudan

Our Goals:-

The strategic goal is to pursue development and development goals in accordance with the directives of the Humanitarian Aid Commission to achieve and build sustainable peace.

During the period between 2021-2022, Sudan Organizations Network for Peace and Development implemented several noteworthy projects that have significantly contributed to the development of various fields, including health, water, and education.

  • In the field of health :-

the network facilitated the implementation of an oxygen station for artificial respiration, worth $500,000, at Ibrahim Malik Hospital. This provided critical respiratory support to patients suffering from severe respiratory distress, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The network also provided $350,000 for the maintenance of Ibrahim Malik Hospital, which helped ensure that the hospital could continue to provide essential medical services to those in need.

Additionally, the network allocated $20,000 per month for the cleaning of Ibrahim Malik Hospital, which helped maintain a clean and hygienic environment for patients and staff

El Fasher Royal Hospital also received an artificial oxygen station from the network, which helped improve the hospital's ability to treat patients with respiratory distress.

The network trained and qualified 30 members at the Tamouhat Center for Capacity Building and American Languages in Sudan for a 45-day period. The training covered a wide range of topics related to community development and capacity-building, and equipped participants with the skills and knowledge needed to support the network's projects.

Moreover, the network trained and qualified 2012 young men and women in the field of first aid across Kordofan, Blue Nile, Central, and North Darfur. This training helped improve the capacity of local communities to respond to emergencies and provide critical first aid when needed.

The network also trained and rehabilitated 80 villages in the area of hygiene and preserving environmental protection. This training provided communities with the knowledge and tools needed to maintain a clean and healthy environment, which is critical for preventing the spread of disease and ensuring the long-term sustainability of water resources.

  • In the field of water :-

the network rehabilitated 120 wells in North Darfur, 100 pumps in West Kordofan, and 2 Hafir in West Darfur.

These projects helped improve access to clean water in remote and underserved communities, improving the health and wellbeing of thousands of people. Additionally, the network supported 10 wells with solar energy in Southern Darfur, which helped reduce reliance on fossil fuels and improve the sustainability of water resources.

  • In the field of education :-

the network aims to establish more than 100 technical institutes in all states of Sudan, which will help provide young people with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a rapidly changing job market.

The network also plans to train 1000 women in the field of how to earn a livelihood, which will help improve economic opportunities for women in underserved areas.

Additionally, the network plans to establish schools in places that were destroyed to help the process of voluntary return of the displaced and refugees.

The network also aims to create educational opportunities for nomadic children, which will help improve access to education for children in remote and underserved areas.

  • Let's take look at some of the network achievement in the last year (2021-2022)

We can also talk about the

  • Water and Environmental Development Projects in Sudan:

Sudan is a large country with abundant natural resources, including water, fertile land, forests, and minerals. It has diverse climates and regions.

Project Goals:

  • Economic Development: Increase production and productivity in agriculture, livestock, and processing/manufacturing of agricultural products for local, regional, and global markets.

  • Infrastructure Development: Build strong infrastructure to effectively utilize available resources and benefit the targeted states. This includes improving transportation and water supply systems.

  • Environmental Sustainability: Promote sustainable practices and conserve natural resources. Focus on water and environmental development, including the production of solar energy and biomass.

By achieving these goals, the project aims to bring about integrated development in infrastructure, agriculture, and services in the Red Sea State, Darfur, and Kordofan regions of Sudan.

  • Water harvesting projects:

The water harvesting projects in all States of Darfur and Kordofan and read sea, exploits the water of the valleys and creeks according to a scientific approach, so that it does not effect the current situation such as changing the direction of sewage, but rather the the ralional exploitation of the water of these creeks and valley.

Below are some projects of water harvesting as models of excavation works that were carried out , at the level of the various States of Sudan form year 2011 to 2016 ( the total number of excavation works 257 units +dams 23) .

Our team:-

Al-Shazaly Abd Almaged


Mohammed Suliman

Chairman of Board Trustees

Osman Nourain

Financailaffair secretary

Sadig Qsim Al-Saed

Secretary of External Relation

Idris Ibrahim Zakaria

Secretary of Finance

Our strength lies in our individuality, the team strives to do the best help people,and put the need of others before ther needs .

Mahgoub Abdel Rahman

Secretary of Planning and Projects